10 Reasons to Embrace the Wedding Weekend

10 Reasons to Embrace the Wedding Weekend

When it comes to celebrating your love, the traditional one-day celebration isn’t your only option. Introducing the wedding weekend. Simply put, a wedding weekend is a multi-day event where you can celebrate and spend time with all of your favorite people. And, they’re starting to gain traction in the United States. Not only can you create unforgettable memories, but unlike in-and-out venues, you’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones.

The wedding weekend offers so many benefits beyond the usual wedding experience. Here are just ten reasons why choosing a wedding weekend may be the right choice for you and your love!

Quality Time with Friends & Family

If you’ve ever talked to newlyweds, you’ve probably heard the same thing over and over. “It went by so fast!” The wedding day itself can be hectic which can make it difficult to carve out quality time with each of your guests. But, with a wedding weekend, you don’t have to worry about soaking in every moment of one day. You’ll have the ability to find meaningful time with everyone you love!

Your Wedding Your Way

At Mountain Shadows, we like to think of ourselves as the anti-venue. No preferred vendors, no add-ons, and no hidden fees. We give you access to our entire property, house, and tiny homes so you can have the wedding you want. Mountain Shadows offers a completely personalized experience. From custom decorations and catering to monogrammed favors and floral arrangements, you can completely customize your big day to reflect your love story.

A welcome table at a wedding weekend featuring a blue tablecloth, red mailbox, wedding sign, globe, and postcards.

Destination Wedding

If you’ve always dreamed of a destination affair, then a weekend wedding venue is the perfect way to get everyone together in one place! A weekend celebration at Mountain Shadows gives you and your guests the freedom to spend time cooking together, exploring the surrounding areas, and celebrating your love in a gorgeous mountain setting that is all yours.

Plan Activities for Your Friends & Family

Make your wedding a whole experience! Forest Hill has a ton of activities for you to enjoy from mountain biking and hiking to antique shopping and lounging by the pool. You can also plan extra wedding-related activities to keep the party going all weekend long. Arrange a welcome party, have a casual rehearsal dinner, or plan a delicious day-after brunch with your caterers to create a memorable weekend for you and your guests!

A Relaxed Vibe

As many newlyweds will tell you, weddings can be hectic and stressful. But, a wedding weekend is a great way to take things slow and live in the moment! There’s no need to worry about time constraints or scheduling conflicts. Having a weekend-long celebration will set a laid-back vibe and allow you to enjoy your wedding without feeling rushed.

A bride hugging a guest at a barn wedding.

Enjoy Intimate Moments

One of the biggest benefits of a wedding weekend is having more special moments with your partner, friends, and family. Whether you’re sharing heartwarming toasts at the rehearsal dinner or enjoying drinks by the pool, having carved out time to spend with each other will create memories that last a lifetime.

Bring Everyone Together

Weddings are a lovely way to bring together your closest friends and family, especially those you haven’t seen in a long time. Your loved ones will appreciate the extra time and effort you put into creating a weekend where everyone can spend time together. Choosing the right venue for your wedding weekend gives you the opportunity to relax, mingle, and enjoy meaningful celebrations as a whole.

Less Rushing

Your wedding day will go faster than you think. If you’re a couple that wants to savor your special day, a wedding weekend might be the way to go! From the welcome party to the farewell brunch, you’ll be able to take in each and every moment. Make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime event with a multi-day celebration!

A group of guests at a wedding weekend in Foresthill, California.

Multi-Cultural Celebrations

As many couples come from diverse cultural backgrounds, Mountain Shadows is a popular venue for multi-day events. A wedding weekend gives you plenty of time to celebrate different customs and celebrations with your loved ones! Use the weekend to have separate events dedicated to your family’s customs and traditions to add depth to your big day.

Forever Memories

One of the most valuable parts of having a wedding weekend is creating lasting memories with those you love most. By the end of the weekend, your guests will not only remember your big day but will also have unforgettable memories made at Mountain Shadows.

Plan Your Big Day

In a busy world where friends and family have a hard time getting together, a wedding weekend offers the luxury of creating unforgettable memories. From spending quality time with loved ones to having a completely customizable venue, there are so many reasons to have your wedding weekend at Mountain Shadows. If you’re looking for the perfect place to host a wedding that goes beyond tradition and creates lifelong memories, get in touch! We would love to help you plan the celebration you want, the way you want it.