Let Me Tell You a Story…

The tale of Mountain Shadows began in 1975 when our father, Steve Clausman, purchased the property and gave it the name. What a view and what a house! But a house is just a house. “Clausie” always had an open door policy and filled the place with a continuous stream of colorful characters from all walks of life. We called these people our friends. They became our family, and they, along with the rest of Clausie’s family, are what made Mountain Shadows a home.

40 Years in the Making

All who spent time at the property has a story from their time at Mountain Shadows. These unforgettable moments, 40 years in the making, made Mountain Shadows a very special place.

2015 Remodel Reunion

We just completed a major remodel of the property. Many of the kids who grew up around the house went on to learn a trade, then came back to work on Mountain Shadows in 2014-2015. It became a special job for everyone involved. Old memories were lovingly shared, and the construction project became a reunion–with new memories and stories to be shared for another 40 years.

Available for New Memories

The Mountain Shadows open door policy is now available to your friends and family for private lodging. We created the perfect setting for you to create your own sharable stories and memories. Enjoy!